CANFIELD OH- Can you hear the excitement from football fans all over the area as the 2021 draws ever so closer? We are returning to a normal 10 game regular season, and a 16 team playoff. This is giving plenty of communities the butterflies in anticipation of the season. Not many fan bases are more excited than South Range. The Raiders marched all he way to the regional finals last year before eventually falling in a battle with eventual State Champion Kirtland. The closeness of that game, and the ensuing Kirtland blowouts on the way to their title have many claiming it decided the state champion. The Raiders can’t be thinking about that though, they have plenty to look ahead to in 2021. Join Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell as they take a close look at the Raiders 2021 season. Hoist the colors Raider nation! The 2021 South Range Football Preview is here!


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQKzenMa0ys[/embedyt]