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ASHTABULA, OH- The Kings of the 440 sports streaming scene are going to get a little bit louder this fall.  440 and Goal are joining the ranks of Your Sports Network to bring more coverage to Ashtabula County in 2022.

Owners of 440 and Goal, Sam Torres and Ryan Cole appeared on YSN’s Power Hour on August 1st to help announce the partnership.  440 is listed as the top dog in Ashtabula County as far as sports coverage is concerned, and sets out to cover several sports including football, volleyball, swimming, wrestling, baseball, basketball, and more.

The goal of this partnership is to increase visibility for all student-athletes, coaches, and programs in Ashtabula County, and provide them the same opportunities as the other 50+ schools under the YSN banner.  “With the partnership with Sam and Ryan, we feel like we’ve increased the passion in our coverage ten-fold.  What they’ve been able to do in Ashtabula is outstanding, I feel that this is a marriage of two companies pulling from the same side of the rope to provide more for each program” said YSN Founder and CEO, DJ Yokley.  “These guys are doing more than just broadcasting games, they’re impacting communities through their love for sports” added Yokley.

The first broadcast for 440 and Goal on YSN is set for August 14th.