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LISBON, OH- It gives me no greater pride and joy to return back to my alma mater the home of the blue and the white, Lisbon David Anderson High school. This is my final Christmas as a DAHS parents, we’ve been blessed with the legacy of students and student-athletes not because they have a ball in their hand or because the rushed or outscored their opponents but because they are kind, generous, and humble.

A week ago, Tuesday two senior students, Miranda Wood, and Hailey Toot, knew of a fellow senior student that wasn’t expecting much for Christmas. In a simple Social media post,” we need help” these two young ladies rallied an entire student body, Lisbon staff, and community to raise enough funds in just a few short hours to purchase the Christmas gift that he had longed and hoped for. The funds came in so quickly to not only buy the gift he so chooses, but they also raised enough money to purchase him other items that he needed for his home. Lisbon students and their community stuck beside one another and gave an amazing Christmas to one young man to make his Christmas outlook what is now,  “Merry and Bright”.



Haley Toot is a Varsity Cheerleader, the daughter of Dave and Heather Toot, Miranda Wood, faithful student supporter, is the daughter of Melinda Reynolds and Jason Wood.
Lisbon Student Council also rallied their troops and purchased gifts for 8 students in their prospective classes under their advisor Mrs. Carrie Smith. The Junior High Student Senate sponsored 4 of their fellow students.
HS Student Council-Natalie Ammon, Varsity Cheerleader, Treasurer, Chloe Smith, Varsity Basketball/Cheer, Co-President, Hailee Carpenter, Varsity Basketball, Secretary, Missing: Alivia Leyman, VP, Brice Blackburn Co-President
JR High student senate: Aliza Baker, Basketball, Nick Freeman, Addison Andric, Cheerleader Missing: Madalyn Lowther
 As a fellow DaHS parent, this delights my heart to know there is so much goodness flowing In the hallways of Lisbon DAHS.
Happy Holidays!
-Dana Blackburn

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