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It’s a coaches philosophy that games are won in the offseason.  In the weight room.  In the gym.  On the field.  Taking the reps, and becoming better when the spotlight isn’t directly on an athlete.

However, it’s an athlete’s perception that in most cases: there is no offseason.  Student-Athletes many times go from sport to sport without taking a breath and without the ability to transition.  Or in this case, a student-athlete goes nearly year-round in a sport they are passionate about.

So, in of Crestview Sophomore, Drake Golden, it’s an opportunity to raise his game from one season to the next.  To showcase his talents season after season, and for all intents and purposes, building the Drake Golden plane in mid-flight.

Being part of a young roster in Crestview will come with some growing pains, but Drake continues to lean on his teammates and coaches in order to help bring the tradition-rich Rebel Hoops Program back to life!

I had a chance to sit down with the Sophomore Standout in the latest edition of CRESTVIEW REBEL PLAYER PROFILE: A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY


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