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NORTH JACKSON OH- Sometimes in life, and in sports you’ll find yourself in positions you didn’t expect. The doorway to opportunity presented itself to you. Jackson Milton’s Macayle Thornhill saw the door open, and walked right through it.

Thornhill did not come in to this season expecting to carry the bulk of her team’s innings pitched. Surely her, and her coaches saw this season as an opportunity to get some solid reps without the pressure of the majority of the innings. Due to injuries and some other circumstances here Macayle is leading the team in time spent in the circle, and she’s making the most out of every pitch. The growth that Thornhill has shown this season is remarkable, and she’s not close to being done.

Thornhill sits at 33.2 innings pitched at the moment. She has an ERA of 3.12. She has struck out 30 hitters. That’s very close to 1 strike out per inning. Thornhill also hits .333 at the plate with 10 RBI.

Macayle was gracious enough to spend some time on YSN’s Running Point to talk about her season. She chats with Ty Bartell and Anthony Hartwig about stepping into a leading roll, her personal goals, and much more. You simply have to check out the latest Jackson Milton player profile only on YSN.

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