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Photo Credit: Charles Marsh

LOWELLVILLE OH- The Rockets volleyball squad are having an excellent second half of the season. After starting the season 0-4, they have gone 5-3 since that point to bring their record to 5-7. A big key to their turnaround is the perseverance shown by their senior leadership. The Rockets have six seniors on the team, and they all bring a lot of experience into the 2020 season.

One of those six seniors is Alexis Mesaros. Alexis is one of the emotional leaders of the Rockets squad, and a big reason why they were able to stay positive after a tough start to the season. Mesaros always seems to be around when the Rockets need a clutch play. She was big in their senior night victory over Chaney. She says though, their biggest win of the season was over Waterloo the game before. The senior class had not beaten Waterloo their entire career, and it was that win over the Vikings that propelled the improvement in the second half of the season.

Everyone in sports had to deal with a lot of uncertainty this summer as the world dealt with COVID 19. Alexis was one of the seniors leading the charge in keeping the team’s emotions and mentality in check. The Rockets may have taken a minute to adjust in the 2020 season, but it’s clear now the experience on their roster has made them strong.

Alexis sat down with YSN’s own Anthony Hartwig to talk about her senior season. They discuss keeping the team ready over the summer, what makes her proud to be at Lowellville, and much more. Don’t miss the latest Rocket volleyball player profile “Alexis: Experience Amazing”.

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