LOUISVILLE OH- With just one team standing in the YSN family in boys basketball, it was time to talk about who we thought was the best player we saw all season. The discussion was a long one, there is so much talent on the floor this year.  But one name in the talks was said more than the rest. Louisville’s Will Aljancic was a player we could not get past shining the light on.

Aljancic is a household name by now at YSN. From the first season we spent covering the Leopards basketball team it was apparent how much Aljancic meant to the team. The Leopards offense runs through Aljancic, and all though they have plenty of great scorers going along with him the Leopards scoring went as Aljancic did.  Will also checks all the intangibles that you’d want out of a top notch leader.  When looking at his numbers they tell a pretty convincing story. Aljancic averages more than 22 points per game.  He also averages over 5 rebounds per game, and over 2 steals, and assists per game as well.  We all agree that Aljancic is a cut above everyone else.

Everyone at YSN wants to congratulate Will and his teammates on a fantastic season.  We are honored to announce him as the 2023 Most Valuable Player.