Good afternoon everyone, I trust you slept well? I mean if not, maybe hit up a massage therapist. I do know a really good one!! Speaking of, I am overdue to go see her, this old body needs a tune up. Still waiting to hear back about this 40 yard dash thing, I issued a challenge, everyone saw it last week! But i am a tad bit disappointed that i did not see many #teamrick tags out there other than my guy Quinn ( appreciate it that man! Hey watch out for the deer!) I am in a super good mood today, why you ask? Well if you keep reading maybe you will find out, hey let’s go! Story time!

Real quick- I wanna say i am sorry to anyone that was looking forward to me calling the boys baseball game from last Wednesday. I guess I pressed too many buttons and somehow caused my broadcast to have no audio. So everyone just got to stare at a baseball game and not really know what was going on! I promise I will work on that for next time!! It was fun to get back into the booth so to speak and call a game of any kind. I didn’t quite realize how much I missed doing this.

To every dad out there, Happy Father’s Day from me and everyone else! Huge shout out to my dad down there in Columbus! Love ya pops! I kinda feel like I got my Father’s Day gift early. Let me explain, or rather give a little backstory here. So my oldest daughter is 16, a tremendous student, an amazing athlete (much better than i ever was). Anyway, she has always excelled at sports, and i have always gone to her for advice on softball as i feel she knows way more about it than i ever will, and mind you i have been coaching it for 7 years now haha. She just recently returned to the travel softball scene and has been in what you call a slump with hitting. She asked me today via text if I could help her with her hitting to get out of this slump. This is a complete opposite from the way it usually is! I always ask her for help with my girls when it comes to hitting because I feel she is so in tune with it and knows so much of the little things that I may miss. But it just filled me with pride that she wants me to help her! I mean I really don’t know that I have much to offer her in the way of help!  I do know when you are struggling you should always go back to basics, and guess what?? That is about all I know when it comes to hitting in softball! So it should really work! So to say I am beyond excited that she asked me to “coach” her so to speak is awesome! I mean look, what kid wouldn’t want me to coach them? Like come on, I am the best coach out there( that nobody knows about). Haha ok so i am kidding there, but i do enjoy coaching and i do enjoy helping so i look forward to this! Happy Father’s Day to me!

So, bad news on the 40 yard dash training front, I had talked about before how i was so pleased that when i started training again i wasn’t having any issues with my knee. Well i guess i spoke too soon. Shortly after I hit on that subject I did have an issue with my knee. It swelled up about as big as a grapefruit, the good news is after about 4 days I am happy to report the swelling is gone, but I am not left looking into different training methods to avoid this happening again. I am still coming for that 40 yard dash title some way somehow! But let me just say i hate any kind of cardio training, always have and i always will. It’s just too much work in my mind, plus the fact that sweat so bad doesn’t help matters any. I swear my pores are the largest that they make, and I am reminded almost daily from my kids that they inherited that trait from me! Sorry kids, at least you didn’t inherit my hate for the sun! And before you ask, I am not a vampire, it’s just me and heat don’t agree, again back to the sweat thing. So today’s hashtag i dedicate to what i feel is the ideal temperature #always65. Yeah i could definitely live in the world where it was always 65 degrees outside, man that would be perfect. 

That’s another week in the books, another week of me just jabbering away about who knows what! I will just sit here and patiently wait for the next 65 degree day so I can try to enjoy the outdoors with my love/hate relationship with the sun! Until next time everyone! Stay cool!