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If you want to build the skill set of a basketball player from the ground up, one might want a scorer, someone else might want an all-around athlete, or someone might want a lockdown defender. Others want someone who is a leader on and off the floor to represent their team the best. But what if you could have all of these qualities built into one single player? That player would be Derrick Anderson of the Boardman Spartans. Derrick is currently the leading scorer for the Spartans, as he is averaging just over 23 points per game. He is also one of the players that Coach Birch looks to in order to shut down the opponent’s best player as a defender. All of these qualities were not just handed to him overnight. Derrick has worked at his craft all his life and has been thrust into the starting role for the Boardman Spartans now for three years. Over the course of his high school career, Derrick has been able to step up as the leader of the team but also as someone who represents Boardman with the utmost respect and admiration of his peers in the community.

YSN’s own leader, D.J. Yokley had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Derrick about what it means to be a Boardman Spartan but also what his success on the court means to himself and the team, what his plan is for college and also what he wants to study/major in, what some of his hobbies are, and much more. Learn all about the man they call “D.A.” in this player profile with Boardman Spartans star, Derrick Anderson!

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