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EAST PALESTINE OH- Setting in volleyball is equivalent to a quarterback in football, or a point guard in basketball. No one touches the ball more than any of these positions. Their job is to put every one of their teammates in a position to succeed. It takes someone special to be an elite setter. The YSN family is riddled with exceptional players who take that role on their shoulders. Whether they’re part of 6-2 offense splitting with another setter, or run a 5-1 and bare all the responsibility, having a good athlete in that position is crucial.  We are proud to announce that we have selected Mineral Ridge’s Samantha Aulet as the 2022 setter of the year!

Aulet is just a junior but she has already eclipsed 1,000 career assists. Even more impressive is the fact that she’s only been the starting varsity setter for two of her three seasons with the team. She had a good role model her freshman season though in her sister Danielle who finished with more than  2,000 assists in her career. Looking at Aulet’s numbers this year, in just 68 sets played she has set up 642 assists. That’s an average of 9.4 assists per set.  One of her biggest strengths that really separates her is her consistency. In the 1607 sets she’s sent in the air, she has only made 11 ball handling errors all season.  She contributes in other aspects of the game too, as all setters who run a 5-1 should. She has 234 digs so far which ranks 3rd on the team.  She gets aggressive at the net as well with 59 kills out of the front row.

Aulet and her Rams are still alive and well in the district tournament. They will match up with fellow state ranked Kirtland on Wednesday in Grand Valley at 7:30. Congratulations again to Samantha Aulet the 2022 YSN Setter of the Year!

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