When you grow up in a sport together, it’s easy for your teammates to become like family.  In the case of Crestview’s Trinity Boston and Haley Eskra, the road has been a winding one, but worthwhile.

As Boston, a senior- completes her final chapter at CHS; she will begin her focus on pre-med at The Ohio State University.  As for her “sister” in Rebel Junior, Haley Eskra; it’s just trying to get healthy after a wicked freak accident, and back to her winning ways.  Wherever these two paths may lead, they’ll always recognize that the bond they built through the game of softball has led them ultimately to a premium opportunity to be the best they can be.

The biggest trait they share is their competitiveness, and aggressiveness for getting what they want and deserve.

This week’s Crestview Player Profile features Trinity Boston and Haley Eskra: B.E. Aggressive