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The Beavers continue to dominate on Friday nights, as they defeated the John Hay Hornets 56-6 and locked up a top 8 spot come playoff time.


The Beavers started with the ball for the second time this year, and needed a roughing the kicker penalty to kickstart the drive, but it ended in a 32 yard TD on a go to play action roll out to a wide open Dylan Ferguson to get the scoring started. The Beavers defense continues to roll, allowing just 4 first downs the entire first half. They handed the ball back to the Beavers offense early in the first and Caleb White reached the end zone on the first of his three rushing TDs to quickly make it 14-0. Another three and out later and the Beavers capitalized on an Austin Cline 20 yard rushing TD and the Beavers put up the most points of any team against John Hay in a single game all year, and it was still 

the first quarter. 


The Beavers got another first quarter score, once again courtesy of Caleb White, and it was 28-0 after just one. John Hay tried to pull out some stops, such as a successful fake punt on 4th and 7 inside their own 15, but it didn’t work, as Blake Lucas houses one from 37 out and following a pooch kick recovery, Caleb White ran one in for his third hat trick of the season, and on an insane busted PAT where Austin Cline ran back and forth for about 15 seconds before finding Owen Bzinak in the back corner of the end zone for 2, it was 43-0 at half. Tyler Prideau ran 2 TDs in in cleanup duty, and the final score was 56-6.


The Beavers locked up a top 8 spot in Division 4 Region 13, and will host a playoff game in 2 weeks. They play Wheeling Catholic Central next Friday with a chance to lock up a top 2 spot in the region.

*Contributed By YSN’s Michael McKenzie

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