CANFIELD, OH- South Range Senior, Kelly Szolek has made a career from mowing down runners on the basepaths, and shooting the gaps like it’s her J-O-B.  Maybe for good reason that she’s earned the nickname of “The Polish Cannon” on YSN because she doesn’t usually start the fight- she finishes it.

Szolek is winding down her career at The Range, but there’s still much to do- but after graduation, the fun doesn’t stop for Kelly.  In fact, she’ll be heading to IUP to continue her journey on the softball diamond and in the classroom- en route to gaining a degree in law.

So, she’s not done finishing the fight even after she hangs up her cleats down the road.

We caught up with 1/3 of the “Triple S Express” to talk about life on and off the field, on this week’s South Range Player Profile: Kelly Szolek.