AKRON OH- Hoban has had a legacy of success in their athletic programs.  Their girls basketball team is trying to win their fourth straight district championship.  Coming in to the season however, the Knights knew how different their roster might look this season. They had a slew of fantastic senior leaders graduate as the class of 2022 moved on.  It was going to up to the new seniors to step up and lift this younger team up.  One of those brand new seniors is Rylee Bennett.

Bennett has been a staple for the Knights all season long. On the court her lengthy and athleticism makes her a valuable asset.  A lot of teams simply can’t defend a girl her size who can play on the perimeter.  She’s got every tool a dominate basketball player needs.  She handles the ball well, she is strong to the hoop, and she can shoot when she’s on.  She’s part of a Hoban team that is very unselfish.  They definitely get that from her.  Whether she’s scoring 20 points or 2, Rylee is always doing whatever it takes for the team to win.  You can see that mindset reflected in the way Hoban is able to stay so balanced on offense.  They work as a unit, and are likely to have 4 or more players with a legitimate statistical contribution to the scoring. Bennett also obviously provides tremendous defense. When Hoban presses, Bennett and her wingspan are almost impossible to get around.  A well rounded player with a well rounded attitude, the Knights certainly struck gold with Rylee.

Rylee took the time to join YSN’s Anthony Hartwig for an interview about her senior season and career. They discuss how hard she’s worked to master her game, what kind of plans are in her future, and so much more. Check out the latest Hoban Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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