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CANFIELD, OH- “Keep the name Corey Kougher in your mind, I’m going to be a big-time one day,” is a direct quote from a sophomore South Range Raider who was barely a special teams player at the time on a team full of stars and that was headed for the postseason.

Fast forward 2 seasons, and now the most humble young man you’ll ever meet resides inside the 88 uniform for the Raiders.  His manners are on point.  Please, Thank You, Sir, Ma’am.  His eye contact is deliberate, and he can exude confidence without having to pronounce it.

Corey Kougher has grown from a Cub to the Big Cat all in the blink of an eye.

Now, Kougher is the most dangerous defensive player in the area with the combination of his size and speed, he’s showing the world what he has always known.

He’s going to be big time.

YSN’s DJ Yokley caught up with Kougher to discuss his growth in leadership on this week’s South Range Player Profile: BIG CAT ON THE PROWL

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