LOWELLVILLE OH- Both teams already met each other once this season and it was time again for round number two as the Lowellville Rockets were looking for their first win against the Jackson Milton Blue Jays since 2011.  It looked like that would happen during the first half as the Blue Jays with foul trouble had the Lady Rockets comeback.  The Rockets were only down 23-17 at halftime However, the second half would be different as the Rocket didn’t take off and the Blue Jays pulled away, from buzzer beaters to steals, they continued their winning streak against Lowellville by the final of 64-39.  


For Jackson Milton, it was Kylie Wilson who finished with a team high 19 points, while Ava Darney, Camryn Mitchell and Chelsea Williams each had 14 points.  Logan Grunder finished with three points.  


For Lowellville, Samantha Moore finished with 15 points, Savannah Procick finished with 14 points, making five two points and one three.  Francesca Lellio finished with four points and Lily Van Coppola finished with six points while she also made all free throws. 


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Lowellville (2-2) will head to Wellsville (0-2) on Monday.  Jackson Milton (3-1) will face United (3-4).  


*Contributed by YSN’s Ian O’Brien*