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MCDONALD OH- The Mcdonald Blue Devils opened up their season at home with horrifying loss to the Brookfield Warriors. The Warriors offense was led by quarterback, Donovan Pawlowski as well as wide receivers Dave Pawlowski, Isaiah Jones, and TJ Laverty, and running back Teandre Craig. The Mcdonald defense was no match at all for this Brookfield offense as they proceded to score thirty-five points against them. Mcdonald was also no match for the Brookfield defense as star quarterback, Logan Hawk, and star running back Nathan Gilligan were no match for the likes of defensive ends Ryan Tetrick, Lucas Beckstine, and Codi Hoover and as well as linebacker Colin Murphy. Mcdonald looks to bounce back from this 35-6 defeat next week against Columbiana. Meanwhile, the Brookfield Warriors look to mirror this games dominant performance next week against Springfield.

*Contributed By Matt Morrison

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