COLUMBIANA, OH- The Faithful Community of Athletes (FCA) Steel Valley is gearing up for its annual golf outing event, slated for June 10, 2024. This year, however, there’s an added excitement in the air as Bernie Bennett steps in as the new leader, bringing renewed energy and a visionary approach to the organization.

In a recent feature on the podcast, Bennett spoke earnestly about his aspirations and strategic plans for FCA. “Our mission remains as crucial as ever—to mentor young athletes in their faith and life,” Bennett stated. “My vision is to reinforce our foundation deeply into the heart of the community’s churches and schools.”

The transition of leadership seems promising as DJ Yokley, the host, brought to light how Bennett’s involvement in sports and his fervent passion for youth development positioned him as the ideal figure for this role. “Bernie’s dedication as a servant leader is known within the community, and his step into this role was a natural progression fueled by his desire to make a significant impact,” Yokley remarked.

During the podcast, Bennett also emphasized the importance of continuity and commitment. “We aren’t looking just to expand broadly but to integrate deeply. We want to be a consistent, enduring presence in these young athletes’ lives,” Bennett explained. His strategy involves more personal engagement and fostering profound relationships within the community, which will be pivotal for the organization’s growth and success.

The upcoming golf outing is not just a fundraiser but a key opportunity to showcase FCA’s impactful work and bring the community together. “This event is crucial. It not only funds our ministry but also strengthens our connection with the community, offering a platform to share our mission and the transformative stories of our young athletes,” said Bennett.

Bob Kimpel,  of FCA Steel Valley, also shared his thoughts on the importance of selecting the right individuals to carry forward the mission. “We look for people who hold a genuine love for God and community, those who can significantly contribute to our ministry’s growth and outreach,” he mentioned during the interview.

DJ Yokley wrapped up the podcast by reflecting on the paths of leadership and mentorship that have defined FCA Steel Valley, expressing gratitude towards former leaders like Shaun Sommers and the promising horizon under Bennett’s guidance.

As the community and FCA enthusiasts look forward to the golf outing, Bennett’s words resonate as a beacon of the transformative journey FCA is set to continue: “Our goal is to prepare these young athletes not just to win in sports, but to succeed in life through the values and strength found in their faith.”
Steel Valley’s FCA under Bernie Bennett’s leadership is on a promising path, and the 2024 golf outing is a stepping stone towards a future where faith and sports continue to enrich young lives.


3/7/2021 at 6:45pm


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There’s a lot happening with Fellowship of Christian Athletes right now.  With over 60 huddles locally, the program is growing, and in a big way.  Plans are underway for further expansion, but before that can happen, they’re looking for supporters to hit the links on June 11th for their FCA Steel Valley Charitable Golf Outing & Banquet Dinner at the Youngstown Country Club.



The keynote speaker for the Dinner will be 4-time Olympian, and USA Gold Medalist, Reid Priddy.  Priddy is a three-time NCAA All-American who will be holding a volleyball clinic on June 12&13 at Girard HS for local athletes.

We had a chance to sit down with long-time FCA contributor, Bob Stauffer, and discuss the upcoming outing, the importance of FCA to an athlete, and more.