YOUNGSTOWN OH- Mooney just etched their names into the school record books with a double dose of history on Wednesday. They notched their 15th win of the season—more than any other squad before them—and pushed deeper into the playoffs than ever.

In a nail-biter against Akron St. Vincent St. Mary, Mooney edged out a 5-4 victory to bump their record up to 15-3. Ella Szalay was all over the field, bagging a pair of goals and controlling the draw four times. Frankie Cassese was clutch, netting two goals including the decider that sealed the win. Angelee Blasko contributed with a goal and a helper. On the defensive end, Kendell Scriber was a force, scooping up five ground balls and forcing three turnovers. Between the pipes, Alyssa Ray came up big with eight saves to keep Mooney in the driver’s seat.

Next up, Mooney is set to clash with Chagrin Falls in the Regional Quarterfinals. They’re heading to Chagrin Falls for a 5 PM showdown on Friday.


YOUNGSTOWN OH- Cardinal Mooney powered through a rainy evening to secure a win over Louisville, sailing through the first round of tournament play with a decisive 15-7 victory.

Now boasting a 14-3 record for the season, the team was propelled by standout player Ella Szalay, who racked up an impressive 7 goals, dished out 2 assists, and forced 4 turnovers. Angelee Blasko contributed with a solid 2 goals and 2 assists, while Natalie Blasko and Sophia Rotunno each netted 2 goals. Frankie Cassese and Lainey Hunt each chipped in with a goal. Between the posts, Alyssa Ray kept the defense tight with 11 saves.

Mooney’s next challenge is hosting Akron St. V’s this Tuesday, 7 PM at YSU Soccer Field. Bring on the next round!


PEPPER PIKE, OH- Last year, the Lions from Orange High School endured a tough loss against Cardinal Mooney, but this time around, they turned the tables with a solid 9-6 victory right on their home turf.

The game kicked off with Orange quickly taking control, notching a 3-0 lead by the end of the first quarter. Mooney wasn’t about to roll over, though. They clawed back to even the score at 4-4 by halftime. However, the second half saw the Lions regain their roar, blasting in four goals to push ahead 8-4. They didn’t let up, adding another to their tally to clinch the win at 9-6.

Noah Reichek and Kenny Turner were the standout stars for Orange, each bagging a hat-trick and tossing in two assists. Jack Derow also made his mark with a couple of goals and two assists, while Will Davies chipped in with a goal. Between the posts, Caleb Rivchun was a wall, making 14 crucial saves to ensure the victory.

Next up, the Lions are set to face the #4 seed Akron Hoban on Friday in their ongoing quest in the OHSAA tournament. Orange is clearly in it to win it, bringing their A-game when it counts the most.


In just her second year wielding a lacrosse stick for Mooney, Sophia Rotunno has already become the defensive backbone of her team, and her journey is just getting started. Sophia, a sophomore, didn’t just join the varsity squad—she stormed it, quickly establishing herself as a standout player despite her relative inexperience in the sport.

Sophia’s knack for dominating the defensive end is evident in her stats. With a whopping 69 ground balls and 40 caused turnovers this season, she’s not just participating; she’s setting the pace. But don’t let her defensive prowess fool you—Sophia is no one-trick pony. She’s also proving herself as a rising offensive threat, netting 13 goals and dishing out 4 assists. Each game, her confidence grows, and her ability to impact the game on both ends of the field becomes more pronounced.

Athleticism and competitiveness run deep in the Rotunno family. Sophia’s sisters were all stars in their high school sports, and it’s clear that the family’s competitive edge has profoundly influenced Sophia. This intrinsic drive makes her a force to be reckoned with on the field, as she channels this familial spirit into every check, sprint, and shot.

Looking ahead, the future is as bright as a championship trophy for Sophia and the Mooney lacrosse program. With two more years left in her high school career, the potential for growth—both for her and her team—is immense. If her first two years are any indication, the lacrosse fields at Mooney are going to see a lot of Sophia leading charges, snatching victories, and maybe, just maybe, rewriting the school’s record books. As she continues to develop her skills and further gel with her teammates, the sky is the limit for this young athlete whose career is as promising as a clear day.

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YOUNGSTOWN OH- When Mooney’s head coach Toni Chahine talks about Ella Szalay, it’s with a tone of awe and respect—she’s unequivocally a coach’s dream. Pushing everyone around her to excel, Ella’s relentless work ethic and drive have propelled her to amass a jaw-dropping career stat line: 237 goals, shooting at an impressive 58%, along with 97 assists, 219 ground balls, 93 caused turnovers, and a staggering 329 draw controls. Ella isn’t just playing the game; she’s redefining it for everyone watching.

Navigating the challenges of playing competitive lacrosse with diabetes, Ella has turned adversity into advantage. Managing her condition has taught her resilience and preparedness—qualities that shine brightly on the field. Her teammates are more than just fellow players; they’re her support system, always ready to assist, whether it’s keeping an eye out for signs of low sugar or having a quick snack handy on the sidelines. This solidarity and Ella’s proactive approach have made her an unstoppable force in the game.

Ella’s lacrosse journey is set to continue at Baldwin Wallace, where she will not only further her athletic career but also pursue her academic ambitions in the nursing track, honoring a family tradition of careers in the medical field. Her choice reflects her commitment to caring and excellence, traits she exemplifies both on and off the field.

Ella Szalay is truly a once-in-a-generation talent for Mooney. As she gears up to take her talents to the next level, both her school and her teammates are soaking up every moment they get to watch her work her magic on the field. Her legacy at Mooney is secured, not just through her stats but through the profound impact she’s had on her team and the broader lacrosse community.

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YOUNGSTOWN OH- As the backbone of Mooney’s defense, senior goalie Alyssa Ray has truly cemented her place not just on her team but across the region as one of the top lacrosse goalies out there. With an incredible tally of 500 saves over her three-year varsity career, Alyssa’s dedication between the posts is unmistakable.

This season alone, Alyssa has racked up 166 saves, boasting a solid 56% save percentage—a testament to her relentless work ethic and her razor-sharp focus during games. Her ability to keep calm and collected under pressure highlights a mindset that’s as impenetrable as her goalkeeping skills. This mental toughness is crucial for any goalie, but Alyssa takes it to another level, transforming potential goals against into game-changing saves.

Beyond her technical skills, Alyssa’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the team’s dynamic. As a senior, she doesn’t just protect the net; she also guides her teammates, instilling a deep-seated ethos of goal-setting and the pursuit of excellence. Alyssa lives by the principle that hard work is the cornerstone of success, a lesson she eagerly passes on to her teammates.

Her influence extends far beyond game tactics or defensive strategies. Alyssa teaches her teammates about resilience, about setting personal and team goals, and most importantly, about the steps and dedication required to achieve them. As Alyssa prepares to hang up her Mooney jersey, the legacy she leaves will inspire not just the current team but future generations, proving that with the right mindset and leadership, anything is possible on and off the field.

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YOUNGSTOWN OH- Senior season surges often define a high school athlete’s legacy, and for Angelee Blasko of Mooney, this year has been nothing short of a breakout saga. After netting just eight goals last season, Angelee has turned up the heat, blazing through defenses to rack up an impressive 29 goals. But her offensive prowess doesn’t stop there—she’s also dished out 11 assists and scooped up 52 ground balls, making her an undeniable force on the field.

Angelee’s energy is the spark that ignites Mooney’s play. Her vibrant presence and unwavering spirit not only elevate her game but also inspire her teammates to elevate theirs. It’s this energy that’s transformed Angelee from a player to a leader, a senior who leads not just by example but by enthusiasm, rallying her team through every quarter and every challenge.

Leadership can often be a quiet presence, a steady hand; for Angelee, it’s both those and a resonant voice cheering on her teammates. Her role as a captain has seen her grow tremendously, morphing from a player who once stayed in her shell to one who orchestrates plays and motivates her squad game after game.

Sharing this transformative journey with her sister Natalie has been a source of immense gratitude for Angelee. Together, the Blasko sisters have not only strengthened their bond but have also woven their shared experiences into the fabric of the team, bringing a familial sense of unity and determination that permeates throughout the roster.

As Angelee prepares to pass the torch and graduate, her impact on Mooney’s lacrosse program promises to linger long after her final whistle. The standards she’s set, the positivity she’s fostered, and the resilience she’s personified are legacies that will echo through future squads. Angelee Blasko’s mark on Mooney isn’t just about the goals scored or games won; it’s about a spirit that uplifts and a leadership that endures, qualities that will inspire Mooney lacrosse players for years to come.

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POLAND, OH- On Wednesday evening, Lucy Harrell of Poland turned the lacrosse field into her own personal highlight reel. During their game against Green, Lucy racked up an astonishing 11 goals, leading her team to a solid 13-9 victory. With this jaw-dropping performance, she’s not just scoring goals; she’s making history, tying for third place for the most goals in a single Ohio high school girls’ lacrosse game.

Lucy’s big day was nothing short of epic. Every time she got the ball, it seemed inevitable that she’d find the back of the net, turning a regular season contest into a record-chasing showcase. Her ability to slice through defenses and score with such consistency was a game-changer and had everyone—from teammates to spectators—buzzing.

This wasn’t just a win for Poland Seminary; it was a statement game for Lucy, highlighting her skill, grit, and potential. As she gears up for her senior year, she’s not just a player to watch; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Lucy’s already left a mark in the OHSAA record books, and if this game is anything to go by, she’s just getting started. Here’s to seeing what she does for an encore!


YOUNGSTOWN OH- Mooney capped off their regular season with an impressive 12-7 win over Chardon Notre-Dame Cathedral Latin on senior night, finishing with a stellar 13-3 record.

In a memorable night, senior goalkeeper Alyssa Ray reached a remarkable milestone, recording her 500th career save in just three years. Ray showcased her talent with 9 saves, anchoring the defense and securing the victory for her team.

Offensively, it was a standout performance from Ella Szalay, who led the team with an outstanding display, scoring 6 goals, providing 3 assists, and dominating with 7 draw controls. Natalie Blasko also made significant contributions, netting 3 goals and controlling 3 draws.

Sophia Rotunno added 2 goals to the scoreboard, while Angelee Blasko contributed with 1 goal and 1 assist, rounding out the offensive effort for Mooney.

With the regular season wrapped up, Mooney now turns their attention to the upcoming tournament, eagerly awaiting their opponent as the draw takes place on Friday. With momentum on their side, they’ll be looking to carry their winning form into the postseason.


AKRON OH- Mooney Girls Lacrosse continued their impressive season with a dominant 14-5 victory over Akron St. Vincent St. Mary, improving their record to an impressive 12-3. And it was the sophomore stars who stole the show, leading the charge with remarkable performances all around.

Natalie Blasko led the team’s offensive onslaught, showcasing her scoring prowess with 5 goals and dishing out 1 assist while dominating the draw controls with 8 wins. Frankie Cassese wasn’t far behind, contributing 3 goals, 5 draw controls, 3 ground balls, and causing 3 turnovers on defense. Ella Szalay added to the scoring with 2 goals and 2 assists, while also hustling for 5 ground balls. Molly Simons chipped in with 2 goals and 1 assist, while Sophia Rotunno rounded out the scoring with 2 goals and hauled in 6 ground balls.

The defense was equally impressive, causing 13 turnovers throughout the game, stifling Akron St. Vincent St. Mary’s offense at every opportunity. Alyssa Ray held strong in goal, making 7 crucial saves to keep the opposition at bay.

With this commanding win under their belts, Mooney looks ahead to their next challenge as they prepare to host NDCL on Tuesday for a senior night showdown at 6:30. With their sophomore stars leading the charge, Mooney is poised for continued success as they march towards the postseason.