AUSTINTOWN, OH-  In this latest episode, hosts DJ Yokley and Sam Torres sit down with Tom Brode, the man behind Five Star Sports and Collectibles. As a central figure in the fast-paced world of sports memorabilia, Brode shares intriguing insights about his journey, unique experiences, and the intricacies of his business.

Tom Brode is no stranger to the challenges and excitement of bringing athletes into the spotlight. From organizing autograph signings to managing unexpected hiccups, Brode has seen it all. “Well, it’s a lot of years of knowledge and getting to make connections,” Brode explains when asked how he began his venture. “A lot of the players, we go right to their agents… Once you do good business with somebody, they refer you to another player, and then you do good business with them, and then the doors start opening up.”
However, dealing with star athletes is not always a smooth affair. Brode offers an anecdote about an upcoming event featuring Terrell Owens, known for his unpredictable nature. “I will tell you, I got my hands full. August 3. Okay, I’m bringing Taro Owens in, and that guy has been known to walk out of signings. No one believes he’s actually coming, but we do have a signed contract,” Brode reveals.

Despite the glamour associated with sports memorabilia, the business has its fair share of challenges. Brode recounts one of his most difficult experiences involving JR Smith from the Cleveland Cavaliers. “I had done previous signings with JR Smith… He showed up 4 hours late. The mall had already closed. Everybody’s trying to get a refund. He’s in the golf course, forgotten that he was supposed to come to a signing, and shows up with glasses on. Blaze. He had a good time, let’s put it that way,” Brode narrates with a mix of frustration and humor.

Tom Brode’s passion for sports memorabilia is evident not just in his professional life but also in his personal collection. “I collect three-foot bobbleheads. I like life-size bobbleheads. I have 150 of them in my basement,” he shares. Among his prized possessions is an original contract signed by Art Modell, Ernie Davis, and Paul Brown for “The Express,” showcasing Brode’s deep appreciation for sports history.

Interestingly, Brode’s love for sports extends to his family, specifically his son, who has made a name for himself in local sports. “My son was a pretty good athlete… He won two state titles at Archbishop as a player, and then he won three state titles as a coach… My son’s only 24. He’s a stud,” Brode proudly states.

As Five Star Sports and Collectibles continues to grow, Brode is eager to expand further into the community. “We’re custom frame shop. So we can do all your custom framing needs,” he mentions, extending an invitation to high schools and colleges to get their jerseys and plays framed professionally.
For those looking to explore or purchase sports memorabilia, Brode’s website,, serves as a portal to a treasure trove of sports history. “If you go to our website, you can purchase memorabilia. You get our contact and any. In a little secret, every flyer you see for any of my signings, there’s a foot. There’s a phone number in the bottom corner. It’s my personal cell phone number,” Brode adds.

Through sheer dedication and an unwavering passion for sports, Tom Brode has carved out a significant niche in the world of sports memorabilia. Whether you’re a collector, a fan, or just someone intrigued by the behind-the-scenes of athlete signings, Brode’s experiences offer a fascinating glimpse into this unique industry.