COLUMBIANA, OH- In a recent episode of the YSN POWER HOUR, host DJ Yokley was joined by the passionate and outspoken guest, Andy Hake, to talk about the high stakes and the sentimental value that local sports rivalries add to communities. Here, we’ll delve into some of the highlights from that conversation and glean wisdom from a sports aficionado who understands the beating heart of local rivalries.

“In the days of our youth, rivalries were intense and quintessential to the sporting experience,” Hake reminisces. Recalling the blood-rushing excitement of games between Crestview Rebels and Columbiana Clippers, he said, “Every game was a battle; we lived for those face-offs. They taught us about pride, about community, and about giving it your all.”

Andy Hake’s commentary extends beyond nostalgia, as he voices concerns about the evolution of sports culture today. “It just feels like that edge, that importance of local rivalry, it’s been blunted a bit in today’s sports scene,” he asserts. Hake emphasizes how these clashes were about more than just the game; they influenced school pride, local support, and personal identity. You wouldn’t catch him “dead in a rival school’s colors” back in the day, such was the influence of these intense rivalries on personal choices.

These matchups are known to rumble community spirits, but sometimes the competitive nature can take unexpected turns. When discussing a hypothetical transfer to a rival school for coaching, Andy said, “It would have to be about aligning with their values. You have to believe in what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for.” His dedication to community values and the welfare of the students is clear as daylight, conveyed with the message that the “kids’ best interests” always come first.

On the topic of open enrollment and its impact on high school sports, Hake articulated his reservations. “The playing field’s changed with open enrollment. We’ve got new challenges we have to tackle, but it’s crucial to keep the spirit of the game alive, to keep those traditions that shape us,” he said, hinting at the complexities of maintaining fair play and community integrity in the face of these educational dynamics.
Acknowledging the long-standing significance of coaching in shaping young athletes’ lives, Hake maintains, “We’re not just here to create NFL stars. We’re here to develop individuals, identify talent, instill good values, and push athletes to reach their utmost potential, irrespective of the college divisions they end up playing for.”

As the conversation winded down, Hake circled back to the community aspect of sports. “Rivalries light a fire, they bring us together, and they give us a reason to cheer,” he shared. “It’s about that commitment, that drive, the sacrifice, and, of course, that controlled violence we love in sports.”

For Andy Hake, high school sports rivalries are more than just games—they are a vital component of cultural identity and personal growth. As communities evolve and the dynamics of these rivalries change, it is voices like Hake’s that remind us of the value and passion inherent in local sports.
Tune into YSN POWER HOUR to catch this engaging episode and join the conversation as Hake and Yokley dissect the role of rivalries in sports and life.



BOARDMAN, OH- Local entrepreneur Lucia Cerimeli is making waves in the Youngstad area with her new venture, Color Vanity/Athletic Recovery. DJ Yokley, host of YSN Power Hour, recently sat down with Cerimeli to discuss her transition from the beauty industry to the athletic recovery space.

Color Vanity Athletic Recovery offers a range of innovative services aimed at promoting athletic recovery, wellness, and overall health. During the podcast interview, Yokley shared his firsthand experience of trying out the cryotherapy tank at Color Vanity/ Athletic Recovery, describing it as an invigorating and rejuvenating experience.

Cerimeli spoke passionately about the holistic approach to healing and wellness, highlighting the various services offered, such as cryotherapy, infrared sauna, digital weighted workouts, health scans, compression therapy, and superior hydration water that aids in recovery and overall well-being.
Notably, the Color Vanity facility also features amenities for beauty treatments, including facials, lash extensions, and fat-shrinking and body sculpting services. Cerimeli emphasized that the facility caters to individuals from all walks of life, not just professional athletes, but anyone seeking to improve their health, recover from workouts, or simply feel rejuvenated.

Among the many features that set Color Vanity Athletic Recovery apart is its affordable pricing. Cerimeli mentioned that weekly memberships could start as low as $25, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Additionally, Cerimeli provided a virtual tour of the facility, showcasing the state-of-the-art equipment and treatment rooms, highlighting the diverse offerings available to the community.

If you’re interested in learning more about Color Vanity Athletic Recovery, you can contact the spa via phone or visit their website and social media pages for more information. As Lucia Cerimeli leads the charge in bringing innovative and accessible wellness solutions to the area, Color Vanity Athletic Recovery is poised to become a go-to destination for those seeking to enhance their physical well-being.

The introduction of Color Vanity/Athletic Recovery adds a new dimension to the local fitness and wellness scene, offering residents an opportunity to experience cutting-edge recovery and rejuvenation services.


COLUMBIANA, OH-  Renowned YSN photographer, Gary Leininger, recently sat down with DJ Yokley for a candid interview on the YSN Power Hour. Leininger, known affectionately as the “fly” shared insights into his passion for capturing sports moments, his involvement with the YSN family, and his deep connections within the Salem community.

Leininger’s journey with YSN began with a simple offer to help during a signing in Salem. From there, a strong friendship and working relationship blossomed. He expressed his unwavering commitment to YSN, emphasizing that he doesn’t do it for financial gain but rather for the love of showcasing high school athletes’ accomplishments and the positive impact it has on the community.

The conversation shed light on Leininger’s early interest in photography, which stemmed from his high school days. He shared captivating anecdotes from various sporting events, including interactions with iconic figures like Bill Cowher and Albert Belle. Leininger also touched on his favorite assignments, such as shooting state championships and memorable moments from Browns and Indians games.

Beyond sports, Leininger’s commitment to family and community shone through. He highlighted the importance of family time and shared heartwarming experiences with his grandchildren, Jack and Ellie. Moreover, as the proud owner of Lisbon’s Dairy Queen, he expressed how his family instilled the value of hospitality and community engagement in him.

Leininger’s dedication to his craft was evident as he discussed the meticulous art of sports photography. He offered insight into overcoming challenges, such as sifting through thousands of pictures to capture the perfect shots, and his ongoing quest to innovate and capture unique moments from diverse sporting events.

The interview provided a glimpse into Leininger’s impact as a photographer and a cherished member of the YSN family. His enduring dedication to preserving the essence of high school sports through his lens continues to amplify the YSN experience.

Gary Leininger’s journey stands as a testament to the power of passion, community, and the art of storytelling through photography.

For more of Gary Leininger’s captivating sports photography, be sure to visit YSN’s SmugMug page ( and immerse yourself in the magic of every captured moment.



EAST PALESTINE, OH- Each Monday for the last month, Your Sports Network has provided a list of the teams playing the best football collectively throughout the season.  Week 4 was no exception, but the picture is starting to clear up as teams showcase their ability on film.

Richie Juliano and DJ Yokley discussed at length their thoughts on teams in the top ten, and who may be headed to the list in the coming weeks.





EAST PALESTINE, OH- Once every generation, there’s an individual who stands out among the rest as a leader of many.  A special individual who carries themselves a little differently can take over. a room from the moment they walk in and can change the direction of a situation with just a few words.

In the Mahoning Valley, we should feel fortunate to have many great leaders in the sports world, and one that stands out over the last several decades has been Rick Shepas.

“Shep” has seen it all, and has been through it all – he even bought the t-shirt.  So, when he suggests a certain way to approach a situation- others take note.

We sat down with Shep to go over his resume, as well as talk about what he has shaking nowadays on YSN’s Power Hour with DJ Yokley.


CANFIELD, OH- In its just over 50-year existence- South Range High School has always been home to talent.  It’s been a labor of love by multiple communities to create the stigma that Raiders appreciate today walking through the halls.

Seemingly forever ago, South Range realized that if they focus on the youth programs, and build from the ground up, the messaging will be much easier to download once they reach middle, and high school athletics.

Mission accomplished.

South Range Athletic Director, Don Feren joined DJ Yokley on Power Hour to discuss the importance of early exposure of athletics that is in line with the rest of the programs, as well as the benefits of travel for programs like softball and baseball to help challenge student-athletes and build character.


EAST PALESTINE, OH- On Wednesday’s YSN Power Hour, the guys got into a discussion regarding “How American” they were, and as he always does, Jeff got a bit excited.

Naturally, the only way to clear this up was to take a few questions from the US Citizenship Test.

Watch below for the results.


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