SALEM, OH-  In a jam-packed night of action at the Salem Memorial Building, it was the hometown hero, Thomas Adams who helped his partner Bobby Beverly win the first ever QCW Tag Team Titles in an UNBELIEVABLE Ladder Match.

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Match Results Courtesy of Hank Hudson/Facebook/QCW:



REFEREES: Tom Dunn, Dave Dawson, Michael Contos
Q.C.W. OWNER: Drake Andrews
Q.C.W. GENERAL MANAGER: Justin Michaels
NEXT LIVE EVENT: Sunday, July 22, 2018, “Dropkick Diabetes 4”, Lisbon. OH, Guilford Lake Grille, 5:00PM Belltime

(1) PRE-SHOW MATCH: The Beastman pinned “The Master Of The Neckbreaker” A.J. Alexander in 6:51!!! Alexander caved in beneath the 368-pound West Virginia wildman during his attempted bodyslam to be pinned!!!

(2) ELEVEN TAG-TEAM QUALIFYING BATTLE ROYALE TO WIN THE FINAL SPOT IN THE LATER LADDER MATCH FOR THE Q.C.W. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: “The Alpha Pack” and “The Philly-Marino Experience” were declared co-winners by Q.C.W. owner Drake Andrews after Kalam and Philly Collins had both fallen to the floor simultaneously at the 10:48 mark during a fierce battle on the ring apron!!! Both teams advanced to the main-event tag-team championship Ladder Match!!!


“The Alpha Pack” (Kalam & “The Wolf Warrior” Bryan Convel) (CO-WINNERS)

“The Philly-Marino Experience” (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) (CO-WINNERS)

CPA & James Ferry

“Klub Xtreme” (The Bouncer & “The Indy Innovator” Curt Fury)

“The Longhorn Boys” (Kip Paige & Levi Masterson)

Blax Strom & Chuck “The Truck” Morris

Grant Andrews & Gino DeCapo

Noctus & Agony

“Detroit Rock City” (Spike & “The Big Gun” James Lethal)

TKD & “The Master Of The Neckbreaker” A.J. Alexander

“The Commission” (“The Black Superman” Lexx Vegas & “The Alabama Bully” JaXon Kade)

(3) “Big Nasty” Vinnie Maverick (with Chase Oliver and “The Tri-State Mafia” manager Ronnie Starks) pinned “The Bearcat” Keith Haught in 10:37!!! Maverick snatched the Bearcat from the top of a turnbuckle to execute a “spinebuster” down to the canvas for the three-count!!!

(4) “Warmaster” Max Alexander defeated “International Superstar” Mambo Italiano, “rear naked choke” SUBMISSION in 8:24!!!

(5) Patrick Hayes pinned “The Heir Apparent” Chris LeRusso in 9:06!!! Hayes countered LeRusso’s attempt for a “sunset-flip” takedown by hooking his legs for a front-bridging pin!!!

(6) Q.C.W. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH QUALIFIER: “The Apex Of Combat” Lee Moriarty defeated longtime Impact Wrestling “Bro-Mans” star Robbie E, “Fujiwara Armbar” SUBMISSION to advance to the championship match on July 22nd!!!

(7) Q.C.W. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH QUALIFIER: Chase Oliver (with “Big Nasty” Vinnie Maverick and “The Tri-State Mafia” manager Ronnie Starks) pinned “The Firebird” Shawn Phoenix in 8:39 to advance to the championship match on July 22nd!!! After manager Starks’ interference had caused Phoenix to crotch himself on a turnbuckle support, Oliver placed “The Firebird” into a fireman’s carry and charged diagonally across the ring for a flying “Death Valley Driver” into the opposite corner turnbuckle to get the three-count!!!

(8) “The Silent Cannon” T.J. Dynamite pinned “The One” M.V. Young in 8:56!!! Dynamite executed a hard takedown via a “T-Bone” grip and, after Young had struggled to his knees, leveled him again with a thrust-superkick to get the cover!!!

(9) FOUR-WAY Q.C.W. “FULL THROTTLE” CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Tricky Micky Mavis defeated “The Man At War” Zach Thomas, “The Mind Eracer” Remy LaVey, and The Bloody, Adorable “Jinx” (Mavis pinned LaVey with the 450° splash) in 9:03 to retain his title!!!

(10) FOUR-TEAM LADDER MATCH TO CROWN THE FIRST EVER Q.C.W. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS: “White Trash Bun Style” (“The Bev” Bobby Beverly/”Five Star” Thomas Adams) defeated “The Cogar Brothers” (Otis/Atticus), “The Alpha Pack” (Kalam/”The Wolf Warrior” Bryan Convel), and “The Philly-Marino Experience” (Philly Collins/Marino Tenaglia), FIRST TO RETRIEVE THE SUSPENDED CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS in 15:21!!! Tenaglia charged across the ring with a spectacular “Fosbury Flop” tope to wipe-out five standing competitors on the floor!!! However, both members of “White Trash Bun Style” were out of harm’s way at this point and proceeded to easily scale a ladder to grab the title belts!!!

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