NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – YSN’s own, Steve Leslie was able to sit down with a very special guest as he was joined by Jaxon Beam to discuss his upcoming school year as he will be attending kindergarten, Jaxon’s soccer season, and a very special message from Jaxon to his grandmother!





NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – Melissa and Rob Chambers, Tiffany Martin and family, and Debbie Kempers and family, have all officially taken over a staple in the Springfield community as they have been fully time owners of the Tiger’s Table since April. The families wanted to take over the restaurant with the idea of being involved in the community, being a part of Springfield athletics, and maintaining the family atmosphere at the Tiger’s Table.

Not only did the three families keep that atmosphere the same, they put their own touch on the restaurant by extending their game day hours until 11pm on Friday nights, they created a new post game menu for the fans, and have a special “fish Friday.”

Join YSN’s own, Steve Leslie and new Tiger’s Table owner, Melissa Chambers, on this exclusive interview from the Tiger’s Table!





CANFIELD OH- If you’ve been around South Range athletics in the last five years there’s a good bet you’ve seen Kalie Luklan in the stands, or even on the bench.  Kalie has proven just how much one of these strong high school communities like South Range can make you feel at home.  She has relayed that to her student athletes, and now students in her gym ten times over as Luklan goes the extra mile to make sure the students she works with feel supported.

Luklan did not start out as a teacher at South Range. Her journey began as a junior high coach. It was set into motion by former boys basketball coach John Cullen who Kalie knew from her time at Canfield. Cullen saw something in Kalie that told him that she would be an excellent coach. What can you say? Coach Cullen’s intuition hit the nail on the head. Luklan quickly became a coach that every varsity coach seemed to want on their staff. Whether it was girls basketball, volleyball, or even some track Luklan got her hands on it all, and made impressions with everyone she worked with. Now that South Range had the hooks in her, she went on to become an even bigger member of the family accepting a faculty job at the school.

As a teacher and a coach Luklan proves to her students that she cares about them way after they leave her gym.  Whether it’s going to their sporting events, checking out their school plays, or coaching them in their sport, Kalie has a way of naming kids feel special.  That has become evermore important as students deal with the stress that comes with being a kid, which seems to be more complicated every year.

Luklan took the time to come on an interview with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about why supporting her kids is so important. They talk about her journey to South Range, some of her favorite sports memories, and so much more. Check out this exclusive interview only on YSN!

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CANFIELD OH- As South Range softball makes their program’s third trip to state, we wanted to reflect a little bit on the team that rose the bar for the program. The current success of the program turned in 2010. That season South Range won their first district championship since 2001.  That team got to the regional finals before losing, the next year’s team won another district before falling to eventual state champion, Champion. The bar was set though. Between 2010-2016 the Raiders won 4 district championships. They kept knocking at the door to state, and in 2016 the Raiders finally kicked the door down.  After their programs first regional championship, the Raiders won their state semifinal in dominating fashion. They may have dropped the final game of the season, but the standard for the program had already been set. The community got a taste for that kind of success and they hit the ground running.

Caragyn Yanek, now Caragyn Young dazzled in the circle for South Range through that run in 2016.  Caragyn followed two older sisters in the South Range program that showed her exactly how it was done.  That Raider team gathered up 30 wins on the season and Caragyn was a big reason why.  Now she still has her handprints in the program. She coaches players around the area, including Raiders current ace Juli Stachowicz as well as Samantha Susany.  She sees a lot of similarities between her team and this one. Caragyn and her team set the tone, and now the Raiders are answering the call.

Caragyn took time out of her day to talk with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig about her team in 2016, and what she’s seeing out of this team now. They discuss what makes the Raiders team so consistently good, how proud the current success makes her to be a Raider, and so much more. Check out this exclusive interview with one of South Range softball’s legends of the past only on YSN!

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East Palestine, OH- No power rankings have garnered more celebration or criticisms this year than the Power 20 right here on YSN. The week of 4/30/23 was no different with tons of jumps and drops after the points were computed for all the teams under the YSN umbrella. Labrae finds themselves as the new top dog with their impressive 16-4 record and opponents wins at almost 100. Other notable movements include Hoban and Lakeview moving into the “Big Logo” 3 after huge wins over accomplished opponents in the previous week.

The formula used for the Power 20 is as follows:

  • +1 point for each win
  • -1 point for each loss
  • Each of the opponents a team has beat has their wins tallied and the total is multiplied by 0.5
  • Opponents’ wins are only counted once so beating the same team twice does not double your opponent’s win total
  • +0.25 points for run rule victories
  • -0.25 points for run rule losses
  • +1 point for leading the conference/division
  • Division bonus applied to each win and added to total
    • Division 1 = 4 points
    • Division 2 = 3 points
    • Division 3 = 2 points
    • Division 4 = 1 Point
  • Tie Breakers= Head to Head, most opponents wins


COLUMBIANA, OH- Patience is a virtue, and for the Wardle Family, their patience as well as their visions are going to pay off for local athletes in a big way.

Athletix since it was just a blueprint has stirred up the hearts and fired up the soul of sports in the Mahoning Valley.  The 46,000 square foot Sports Sanctuary combines state of the art facilities for nearly any sport you can think of, alongside technology that holds athletes accountable during each moment of the workout.

If you are still picturing your Average Joe’s Gym, you’re cheating yourself.  Athletix will also feature classes for families such as “Mommy and Me”, cheer/gymnastics, Top Golf Swing Suites, Batting Cages, a food and beverage center, and space for athletes to study and prepare mentally as well.

at the end of the day, Athletix, much like the athletes that train there will always be in a permanent stage of evolution.  With the leadership and vision of the Wardle Family, Athletix will certainly be home to some of the areas top athletes for years to come.


BOARDMAN OH- Many of sports fans in the area know Fred Mootz as the head coach of the Boardman Spartans softball team. But in his offseason he takes off his coach’s hat and puts on his referee one. From the youth level all the way to varsity, Mootz puts in a ton of time trying his best to better the game by policing the rules.

As Mootz gets ready for another go around as a football referee in the fall, he came on YSN’s Running Point to give us a little insight into the life of a referee. Officials are in the limelight right now more than ever with north east Ohio officials wanting to demand higher pay. As these conversations continue there’s no one better than someone who knows first hand the demands, responsibilities, and rewards of being an official. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Fred Mootz only on YSN.



WARREN OH- For most ten year old girls, the worries that go through their head are minimal. It’s a stage in life where the innocence of childhood thrives.  For Skylar Scarnecchia, those blessings weren’t part of the plan. At the age of ten, already an athlete in the purest sense, Skylar felt pain in the bottom of her foot that wouldn’t go away. What doctors thought for sure would be a benign tumor turned out to be stage four cancer. Hearing that word at the age of ten was a gut punch, not just for Skylar, but her entire family. It was a moment that caused instant tears, but also instant support. Skylar says the family immediately embraced in hugs to go along with the tears. The best way to describe that they were together and the fight would not be battled alone.

After time and treatment it became apparent that the best option for Skylar to beat the cancer in her foot was to amputate her leg.  For a little girl who loves sports, the idea of losing a leg, and presumably her ability to compete had to be the worst case scenario.  However the reaction that Skylar had shocked the doctors, as her response was “I guess I won’t have to cut my toe nails anymore.” That tone would set Skylar’s path of a positive mindset that would make her journey something she could get through.

Skylar got her prosthetic leg and found her way back to competition.  Local girls basketball fans can probably recognize her from being a part of Champion girls basketball team. Now, she has found a new endeavor as she has moved into the world of wheelchair basketball. She has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers NWBA affiliate, she also plays in Pittsburgh for the Steelwheelers. She says initially she turned away from the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball. Her ability to still run, and jump made it sound silly to go into a wheelchair.  After taking advice around her she has embraced the opportunity and it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the environment the sport has to offer.

You can catch Skylar still playing wheelchair basketball, and on the golf course as she continues to compete. Skylar also has started to share her story with local elementary students to inspire young children around the valley.  She is an advocate for people with any kind of disability they may be forced to face in their life.

Skylar was kind enough to come on YSN’s Running Point to tell her story. She talks with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about how she was able to stay positive, where she finds inspiration, and so much more. This is a special story that everyone should hear, and we are proud to feature it on YSN.

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JACKSONVILLE FL- Youngstown State Mens Basketball fans will have fond memories of Naz Bohannon. His 6’5 232 pound body dominated the paint inside the Beeghly Center. From bullying his way past defenses, to hitting game winning shots, Bohannon left his mark on Youngstown.

Grit City taught Naz plenty of life lessons during his time with the Penguins. His biggest lesson though was the relentless work ethic he developed. They call it Grit City for a reason after all. Naz was always putting g in the work to better his craft. And because of that, it was constantly opening doors for him to further his career. He spent his 4 years at YSU accumulating over 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in his career. After his fourth season with the Penguins, Bohannon took his fifth year of eligibility at Clemson to expose himself to even greater competition. The Tiger program had the same grit and hard work first type of feeling that Youngstown State did.

After going through his season with the Tigers, Naz was approached with an opportunity to return to the sport of football. Bohannon was a tight end in high school in Lorain.  There was no way he could pass up the opportunity to put himself in front of teams and give football a shot. Especially since it wouldn’t effect his ability to go back to basketball if it didn’t work out. But it did indeed work out as the Jacksonville Jaguars came knocking. Last week the Jaguars signed Bohannon as a tight end as well as three other receivers.

Youngstown could not be more proud of all Naz has accomplished and will continue to accomplish in his career. He left a legacy on the Penguins basketball program that echoes in the locker room to this day. A lot of Penguins might just have to lean towards the Jaguars this fall. Bohannon joined YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about his journey. You won’t want to miss this exclusive interview with Naz Bohannon.

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AUSTINTOWN OH- Austintown Fitch is in a remarkable successful era of athletics. Whether it be football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling track, baseball, softball, or any other sport, they each have had remarkable moments and shining stars. It all starts with the Falcon’s strength. They are stronger, and more conditioned than most of the opponents they face. Where does this strength come from? Well, it certainly helps that they have a premiere coach on staff as their director of strength and conditioning.

Daniel Wedding makes sure every athlete at Fitch is reaching their absolute potential. Under his guidance, the student athlete realizes just how strong they can be. He has helped multiple players reach not just personal records in the weight room, but consistently breaking school records as well. Because of his motivation and support, Falcons everywhere push themselves to be at their best.

Wedding was recognized this year as the NHSSCA Ohio Coach of the Year. It is a fantastic honor to be nominated, and an even bigger one to be recognized. You can easily see the impact he has had on the Austintown athletic community.

Coach Wedding took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about his journey. He chats with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about the commitment to the standard at Fitch, some of the amazing athletes his worked so hard with, and much more. You will not want to miss this exclusive interview with the best strength and conditioning coach in the state of Ohio!

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