Good Morning,


I’m the head coach of Western Reserve boys and girls track and our sprinter girls have had quite a season. They were county champions in the 4x200m relay, sit second in school history in that event, and broke a 2014 4x110m record @ the Fitch optimist yesterday. (52.38 broke the 52.47).


What makes this a fun group is that this is only their third time running it together. The group is led off and anchored by two freshmen softball-playing twins that are 4’11. The two seniors in the middle are both 2-time regional qualifiers, one being a 4.0 valedictorian. They broke the record running the 4x100m relay for the first time in the order that they did it in (Ally Jones – Kayla Owen – Olivia Altiere – Linny Jones).


After breaking said record, the twins changed, went to a softball game, and in extra innings, Linny stole 2nd and 3rd, Ally popped up to tag her home to beat Ridge 13-12. Quite a day for our relay gang.


Just a coach looking to recognize our student-athletes b/c they are a riot! And we are lucky to have them. Thank you for your time.


Ally Jones – freshmen leadoff runner, catcher for the softball team

Kayla Owen – senior 2nd leg, 2-time regional qualifier

Olivia Altiere – senior 3rd leg, 2-time regional qualifier, 4.0 valedictorian

Linny Jones – anchor, center fielder for the softball team


-Coach Buente


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