POLAND OH- Poland faced rival Struthers on the 4th game of their homestand. Struthers would avenge their only loss on the season with a win against Poland tonight. Jared Lacsko had 12 points in the game for the Cats while Adam Kassem had 12 for the Bulldogs. Struthers wins a close one, 36-35.

Struthers took the lead by the end of the first quarter with the help of Aldan Slocum and Lacsko who both contributed with 4 points. In the second quarter, Struthers and Poland would trade the lead throughout the quarter but Struthers had a 19-18 lead at halftime. Carson Ryan led the Wildcats in points by halftime while Michael Cougras had 9 for the Dogs. All of Poland’s points came from 3 point shots by this point in the game.

The Wildcats had a 5 point lead by the end of the third quarter. Struthers was paced Lacsko who had 10 points going into the final quarter. The game came down to the final minute in order to find a winner but it was the Wildcats who came away with the victory 36-35. Poland(9-5) will face South Range on January 28th on YSNLIVE.COM/TEAM/POLAND. Struthers(11-1) will face Lakeview on YSNLIVE.COM/TEAM/STRUTHERS.

*Story contributed by YSN’s Anthony Melone