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Well, my first season coaching the Rebels of Crestview has ended by
way of our defeat at Rootstown in a great effort by the boys. It’s always tough when the season ends for a variety of reasons. The near misses, the could’ve
been’s, or the games won or lost. But, this season has brought much more. The Varsity and JV records improved. The margins of defeats drastically shrunk, but
more than victories or defeats, this season has come down to one word for me as a coach, Progress. Progress in how we carry ourselves, how we react to
adversity, how we win, how we lose, how we have each others’ backs, how we talk, how we play, and how we practice. The progress these young men have
made since May is astronomical. The culture they have created has progressed through the season and has created an expectation for the next batch of REBELS.

It all starts with our Senior leader, Scotty Murray. He has shown the young Freshmen and Sophomores how to be a coachable, hard-working, never-
say-die young man. The young guys have bought into this, and if Scotty didn’t buy into it, it would have been hard to sell to the young guys. So for that and much
more, thank you to my players. You 13 boys are the greatest kids I’ve been
around in almost 20 years of coaching.

Thank you to my staff. Greg, Joey, Brad, and Eric, you guys care about
these young men, and I truly appreciate you. I couldn’t have picked a better group
of guys to turn this program around.

Thank you to all who make our program possible. Thank you to Mr. Manley, Coach Cusick, Mrs. Nappi, and Mrs. Dixon for entrusting us with these
fine young men. Mellisa Gentry, thank you for dealing with my emails. Our custodial staff, especially Tom, Mr. B, the best announcer around, Mrs. Finch, and
Mr. Hughes for their work at the scorer’s table. Thanks to Coach Blatch and the girl’s staff, what a nice group of people. Amie Cope and our Cheerleaders,
AWESOME job! Jerry DeJane and Jack at Fine Tune Fitness, thanks for working with our guys with their speed and strength! DJ and Rocky at YSN, thanks for all
of your coverage, support, and kind words. You guys rock!

Thank you to our parents, especially those who have volunteered their time to help the program. Also, thanks to our Booster Club and the Athletic
Booster Club. Without you, we couldn’t look good or take part in activities to help us get better.

Thank you to my wife, Jenn, and my son, Paddy, for lending me out during the season (love you guys so much) and for their and my mom and in-laws support.


Thank you to my dad, who lived to see me get this job. I physically lost you in July
and, I wish you could have physically seen our games, but I know you were sitting
next to me every game!

I miss you and love you, Papa.

We start back up on April 2. We will make more progress this Spring and
Summer and for years to come. We will get stronger in the weight room, become
better players and a better team! Our progress will eventually lead to prosperity,
and I cannot wait for that day.



Coach Jeff Wilson

Crestview Boys Basketball

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