For his entire life, East Palestine’s Parker Sherry has been climbing.  What started out as hay bails, trees, and hills that were being climbed turned into depth charts, record books, and now prospect stock.

Sherry has a gratefulness about him that is very contagious, but don’t misinterpret his genuine love for the game of football for weakness.  Sherry has long ago been bitten by the competitive bug and takes the same winning mentality from the gridiron to game night with his family.

When you see the brown and white jersey running around on Friday nights, it’s comparable to watching a video game.  He can beat you with his arm, his legs, and if that doesn’t do the trick: his pure determination will overwhelm anything you have left in the tank.

Most Easily Stated: Parker Sherry is a winner.

His character is never in question as he is just as involved in the community as he is in the huddle.  He is soon to be awarded the Valedictorian of East Palestine’s graduating class.  His leadership among his peers both in the classroom, as well as between the lines sets him apart from his numbers alone.

Oh, that’s right.  The numbers.  Take a look at these:


2018 :

Passing: 131/232 for 1,852 yards/21 TD’s

Rushing: 1,021 Rushing Yards/12 TD’s


Passing: 510/877 for 7,374 yards/77 TD’s

Rushing: 4,335 Rushing Yards/55 TD’s

11,709 Total Yards and 132 TD’s

All those yards, and not to mention the list of his achievements that now include the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award for Ohio, and National Max Preps Athlete of the Month (Video Below.)

We sat down with Parker and discussed the importance of his leadership, character, and what he does on and off the field, as well as what the next hill is he will attempt to climb.  Our Feature Story of CONTINUE THE CLIMB: PARKER SHERRY is proudly sponsored by Coaches Tribune.