There are a lot of young talented players around the area that area in girls basketball getting attention. One that might be flying under the radar is Poland sophomore Connie Cougras. In typical fashion for this program, Connie does not mind being under the radar. It gives her more room to navigate and grow. One of the first players off of Poland’s bench, Cougras is becoming more and more of an impact as the season goes on. Development is not an issue when it comes to Cougras, she is able to understand what mistakes she makes and takes upon herself to get in the gym and work on them. She says she gets an extra boost of energy in practice after a game in which she wasn’t pleased with herself. This ability to self correct makes her very easy to coach. Coach Blanch couldn’t say enough about her work ethic. Connie has a brother Michael who is a senior in the boys program. She says his support, and her support of him has helped both of them out a lot. They haven’t had a sibling three point contest as of yet, but you never know one could be on the horizon. Connie has quickly become a key member of program. And for now, she’s doing it in the shadows. The Cougras is on the prowl. And you better believe you don’t want to be her prey. 

Anthony Hartwig caught up with Connie this week. They discussed moving up to varsity, working through mistakes, and much more. Turn that volume dial all the way up and enjoy the latest Lady Bulldog Player Profile Cougras On The Prowl.