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CAMPBELL, OH-  The Rebels (1-5) came in coming off a loss to Brookfield 56-21. Looking to get their second win of the season. Campbell Memorial (3-3) was ready to play Crestview and get their fourth win on the season after losing to JFK 20-12.

The first quarter was all highlights for the Rebels. Crestview would score within two minutes of the game with a 48 yard run by Ethan Powell. Later on defense, they would block Campbell’s punt and turn that into a safety. The second drive, the Rebels would have Powell once again pound one in from the 8-yard line to bring it to 16-0. Towards the end of the first Rebel’s kicker, Brandon Yanssens would kick a field goal to put them up 19-0 to end the first quarter. The second quarter would go to the Red Devils as they won the quarter 13-7. As deep touchdown pass by quarterback Christian Stores to wide receiver Christian James that would give the Red Devils momentum. Later throughout the quarter, Crestview’s Brandon Yanssens would punch one in from the one-yard line to put the Rebels up 26-7. The Devils would answer back as wide receiver Malachi Bannarn would jump to the sky to reel in a touchdown pass from Stores. To bring the game and ending the half at 26-13.

The second half was not high flying as the 1st. At the start of the 3rd quarter would cut through the Red Devil’s defense running for a 60-yard touchdown. A couple drives later, Cusick would throw his second pick of the game as Campbell’s Malachi Bannarn would pick it off in the red zone. After the 3rd would end, Crestview’s Roclen Bettura scores a 21-yard rushing touchdown to put the Rebels up and win the game 40-13.

Crestview wins tonight to bring their record to 2-5 as Campbell Memorial loses and drops to 3-4.


*Story contributed by YSN’s Derrick Grossen

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