YOUNGSTOWN-OH; When people talk about Ursuline, their first thought has to be the dynamic duo on the offensive side with Brady Shannon and Matthew Reardon.  However, there’s a senior that most have to look for in having a big season on both sides of the ball.  That senior is named Dante Walker, who plays both linebacker and running back.  


In the past few seasons, Walker has played mostly defense while playing a bit of running back, rotating a little bit with Davion Jones and junior Trenton Hill.  This year, Walker has improved his running back skills on the offensive side while continuing to be a threat on the defensive side of the ball.  In 2019, Walker had 87 tackles with 11 of them being for losses and had four and a half sacks on quarterbacks.  He had his biggest run of his career last week against Boardman, taking it 84-yards to the house and waiting to also play his other sport again in baseball. 


On this episode of the YSN Ursuline player profile edition, Dante talks to us about what changed from week two to three, the leadership, what he did during quarantine back in March and April, the leadership change, what he wants to do for college, and the his recent jobs on cars, plus what has changed with the Youngstown East team from last year to this year.  The Irish will take on the Golden Bears this Friday at 7pm at Stambaugh Stadium or you can stream it on YSN for $9.99. 

Contributed By YSN’s Ian O’Brien

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