AKRON OH- Being a point guard isn’t for everyone. It takes a special player to handle the ball more than everyone else on the team. The player who runs the offense, and distributes the ball to the scorers on the floor.  Hoban has a tremendous talent running the floor for them in Kennedy Arison.  The one they call K.O.  It stands for her first two initials, but we think it can double for knock out.  That’s what Kennedy’s skills can do to opponents. Knock them out, and make them not want to go on competing.

Kennedy along with her senior teammates was charged with leading a young roster this season. After graduating an impressive senior class a season ago, there are a good number of players new to this level of basketball.  While all the seniors are tremendous leaders, a point guard stands as a second coach on the floor.  She keeps everyone calm, cool, and collected while making sure they’re in the right spots for the offense.  Because of that, the Knights have an extremely balanced scoring attack. That’s the hallmark of a good point guard.  Kennedy makes everyone around her better, and because of that we have seen this Hoban team grow up before our eyes.

Kennedy took the time to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her senior season.  They discuss what it’s like being a point guard on this team, who her inspirations have been, and so much more. Check out the latest Hoban Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN!

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