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POLAND OH- Emily Denney is a part of a senior group at Poland that has experienced a ton of success through the years. They have learned from past players on how to be a leader, and they have hit the mark with their leadership skills. Denney doesn’t disappoint showing everyone on the roster just how far gaining your confidence can go.

Denney might just be having the most successful season of her career. Not only is she keeping up her inflated on base percentage, but she has found some power in her swing. She came into her senior year never hitting a home run, not over the fence anyway. She has two on the season, and they came close together.  She brings a real big threat to the top of the Poland lineup. Because of that, the Bulldogs 1-5 hitters are somewhat of a death row to pitch to. It will make them tough to handle come tournament time.

We we’re happy to welcome Emily on Running Point this week to talk to us about her softball journey. She talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about her relationship with her dad, gaining her confidence over the years, and so much more. Keep up with the Bulldogs with the latest Poland softball player profile.

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