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CANFIELD, OH- South Range is known for playing their own type of football.  It’s not usually flashy, it’s not overhyped, it’s a division of smashmouth, run the football at you- and you try and stop them.  However, with one of the most underrated threats in the area on both sides of the football, it’s been fun to see the evolution of the Raider offense, and defensive backfield over the last ten weeks.  That’s all mainly due to the wideout and defensive back extraordinaire, Luke Crumbacher.

Crumbacher has the distinct ability to take any play to the house if he can find space.

Oh boy, has he found it.

“Crummy” has pulled in 11 passes for nearly 500 yards (466 to be exact) and soars way above any average for a receiver in the area with those numbers.  Not to mention the five touchdowns he’s hauled in.  The biggest game he had this season was 3 catches for 177 yards and a pair of scores.

So, when you ask opposing coaches, there are not many tapes on 18, but they know they have to lock him down or else it’ll be a long night.  A premiere target for Michael Patrone, and a great outlet to keep defenses spread out for Dominguez and the boys- good for the Raiders, and unfortunate for anybody else- Number 18 one way or another has everybody “Feeling Crummy.”


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