AUSTINTOWN OH- n a matchup between two division 2 powerhouses. Austintown looked to match up with the historical Massillon Washington Tigers.
In a game that saw The Falcons jump Massillon for two straight touchdowns and possession in the first quarter. It looked to be all Fitch going forward.

However, the special teams unit of Fitch had their struggles against The Tigers. As unforced errors piled on, so did the score. Massillon responded with 17 straight points of their own, holding a 17-14 lead going into halftime.
Fitch came out of the half swinging, retaking the lead 21-17, with possession yet again. But as much as things changed, the more they stayed the same.

Massillon Washington bunkered down on defense and special teams. Forcing the first interception from Devin Sherwood this season. The Tigers were able to claim a 31-21 lead.
Fitch had their final opportunity when Devin Pounds was able to scoop a Massillon fumble and flip field position late in the 4th quarter.
Massillon and their defense held strong again, forcing Fitch into a field goal attempt down by 10. But The Tigers special teams unit came up big. Blocking the 2nd field goal attempt of the game, Massillon was able to secure the 31-21 victory over Fitch.

As The Falcons will have no time to rest, with an exciting AAC matchup with The Canfield Cardinals on October 1st. The Falcons will need to gear up to face one of Division 3s best.

*Contributed By YSN’s Ty Bartell