EAST LIVERPOOL OH- Everyone that knows volleyball knows how important defense is.  You can have a big hitter, or an awesome setter, but if you don’t pass well out of the back row you’ll never succeed consistently.  The libero position is used by teams as a defensive leader of the team. They are 9 times out of 10 the best passer on the team.  East Liverpool was known this year for their ability to play defense.  They were a hard team to put the ball down against. Faith Grafton is a big reason why their defense is so daunted.

Faith was named 1st Team All District in 2023, which shows you how respected she was in her area. You don’t see a ton of 1st Team liberos.  When you look at her numbers Grafton averages 17.9 digs per match, and 5.6 per set.   She has 355 serve receives and only 28 errors.

Faith is a big part of the Potter defense, and that was clear to anyone who watched them this season.  YSN is proud to announce Faith as the 2023 Defensive Player of the Year.