AKRON OH-  Being a freshman can be hard. An athlete goes from dominating in a junior high setting where they are only playing other athletes their age, to a varsity floor where they’ll see kids that could be as much as four years older.  It can be daunting for a high school kid. Only the mentally strongest ones are able to push through that and make an immediate impact.  Hoban is having an incredible run this season, and while they have a ton of upperclassmen talent that has pushed them through, Sam Greer has come in as a freshman and been a key part in what they do.

Greer adds an important 5 points per game that has been the difference in a couple of close games down the stretch this year. Greer is also second on the team in rebounds averaging 4 per game. Almost half of those rebounds have come on the offensive side of the ball.  Extra opportunities give the deadly Knights offense more chances to put the ball in the hoop, which keep their well oiled machine of an offense go.  Greer had played in 19 games this season, and he’s only turned the ball over 13 times. His composure with the ball in his hands might be his most impressive asset.

Everyone at YSN wants to send Sam a congratulations on a fantastic season.  It is our honor to announce him as the 2023 Freshman of the Year.