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Photo Credit: Lula Blanch

The difference between good teams and great teams is a deep bench. The ability to trust the next round of players to go in and execute as well as your starters. For Poland junior Ella Harrell that’s a role she accepts with honor. There is not one ounce of bitterness in her bones over not being a starter. She loves the opportunity to come on the floor in the middle of a game and make an impact. Standing at 5’8, Harrell has the size to execute as a post, but also has the ability to play in the perimeter as a guard. A Swiss Army knife of a player. Ella’s personal goal coming into this year was to further her abilities to become even better at executing both of those roles. Coach Blanch says she is a player who is always staying after practice and working on extra ball handling drills. That’s one of the reasons he trusts her so much on the floor. He also says that Harrell is one of their more vocal players. She has no problem communicating on defense, which is so important. It’s something that makes Harrell such a tremendous asset off the bench. Ella and her team can easily run 8 or 9 players deep and Harrell is the example everyone else can look to. When leaders talk, you have to listen. Hark the Harrell. 

Anthony Hartwig made the trip down to Poland to talk to Ella. They discuss her role on the team, personal goals, and much more. Learn all about the Bulldog junior on the latest Player Profile Hark The Harrell

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