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BOARDMAN OH- The Boardman softball team is stocked full of seniors. Ten of them to be exact. Not many teams get to be blessed with such an abundance of leadership.  One of those senior leaders is Dana Haus. And she feels right at home in Boardman.

Every senior on the team has something they can teach the younger players. One of Dana’s biggest character strengths is confidence. Softball is a sport that demands confidence when things get low. If you get too down in the valleys, you won’t get out of them. Dana hasn’t had the results she has wanted at the plate yet this season. That hasn’t stopped her from going into every at bat believing in her abilities. She also doesn’t let her struggles at the plate effect her defense. Haus is a vacuum in the outfield. Boardman underclassmen have someone to show them what it takes to get out the struggles this sport, and life will inevitably bring.

Haus was able to take the time to come on to Running Point this week to talk about her senior season. She talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about being a leader, some of her favorite memories, and so much more. Spartan nation take some time to watch the latest Boardman softball player profile.

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