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BERLIN CENTER OH- Every one knows how important of a position setter is in volleyball.  They are your quarterback, your point guard, your captain on the floor.  So for a coach to pick a player to step in to that role on the varsity level, that is a big amount of trust that is being put in that player. For Western Reserve, they needed someone to do it, and they asked senior Madison Leone to be that girl.

Leone has done everything in her power to become the best setter she can be for her team.  The fact that she has hitters like Alyvia Hughes, and Lisa Eichert to set to has made things smoother.  They are experienced enough to know where they want the ball to be to give them the best chance to get a good swing.

Leone is second on the team in assists with 287.  She averages nearly 4 per set.  In 869 total chances she’s only made 26 errors. Pretty impressive for a first year setter.  Leone is a quality defender as well as she has dug up over 100 digs on the year.

Leone has been gracious enough to share her time with us and hop on an interview with Anthony Hartwig. They talk about being back on the team, what makes this team so tight, and much more.  Check out the latest Western Reserve Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN.

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