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Photo Credit: Shaun Jordan

STRUTHERS OH- 2020 has been an uncertain time for athletes. The teams that stuck together and used their leaders to stay close are the ones that came out ready to play. Jessica Hughes is one the senior leaders for the Struthers Wildcats volleyball program. She brings ultimate positive energy to the team. She’s got a fair share of talent as well. Hughes brings many different hews of greatness to the Wildcats.

Jessica came in to this season hopeful for success of not just herself, but her program. The Wildcats have some much needed continuity at head coach which is the first step to get the program to a competitive level. Jessica’s personal goals were just to bring positive energy to her teammates. Although her energy has to look a little bit different in 2020 with COVID 19 regulations keeping everyone separate. Hughes and her teammates have come up with creative ways to feed energy to each other without breaking the six foot barrier. It’s not easy, but Struthers will always be one of the more energetic teams on the court. They can attribute a lot of that energy to senior Jessica Hughes.

Jessica took the time to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig. They discuss what makes her proud to be a Wildcat, her future goals, and much more. Dig your claws into Struthers volleyball with this player profile, Hughes Of Greatness.

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