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By Jenna Riccardo


For the last four years, I have watched as the seniors walked through our school for the last time during their senior walk. There was always a mix of emotions shown on their faces. Some shed tears because it was over, others celebrated because it was the start of the next chapter of their lives. Watching this each year, I was uncertain of how I would feel when it was my turn. I soon found that I couldn’t wait for my senior year of high school to arrive so that I could celebrate my hard work and begin to move on with the next chapter of my life. 

Finally, the time arrived. Our senior year started as expected and we made memories at football and basketball games, wrestling matches, and homecoming dances. These are all memories that we will be able to look back on, but as senior year comes to an end, we were anxiously awaiting prom, our senior trip, and graduation. However, on March 12th we learned that our year would not continue as we had envisioned. Instead, we left the school without knowing if we would return and finish making the memories we had anticipated. This year was supposed to be about the celebration of the class of 2020, a year to remember all the hard work that we have put into schooling for the past thirteen years, but instead of getting our senior walk, we left our school with the year cut short. 

Missing out on events such as prom and our senior trip is not as devastating to me as it may be to other high school seniors. Personally, I am thankful that I was able to complete my senior basketball season, as this was most important to me. While I am saddened that the All-Star games I was selected to play in have all been canceled, my heart hurts for those who were not able to complete their postseason in the winter state tournaments or compete in a spring sport. I could never imagine not finishing the last season of my high school career. 

Although all of these things are important to seniors and are considered a right of passage, there are far greater losses than missing out on these events. By canceling or postponing these events, we are saving the lives of millions of people across the United States. While I am saddened by the sudden change of events, I am now more focused on my future and hope that we can return to living our normal lives soon. 

Sitting at home, the days seem to pass by in slow motion. This was not how senior year was supposed to end for the class of 2020. The changes that we have had to undergo are some of the biggest changes many of us have ever faced. I believe that this will make us stronger and be able to overcome any obstacle that we encounter. No matter who you are or what you are missing out on during this time, I think it is most important to be there for the ones you love and support to those around you. 

To the Class of 2020: Remember that this is still our year, it is just ending differently than we had expected. Wherever your path may lead you, hold on to the memories you’ve made and make the best of the situation that we are in.