CANFIELD, OH – As most of you know, I am a basketball guy through and through, but when challenged to step out of my comfort zone, I decided why not go for it all and talk about baseball. When it comes to baseball, I know the basics of what goes on, might watch a game here or there, usually go to two or three Indians games per season, and I talk about baseball almost never.

But thankfully for this blog, a recent decision by the MLBPA to postpone a voting about whether or not the season will return this year occurred so it provides me a topic of discussion. The MLBPA announced on Friday that the league would not counter the proposal for a 70 game season, which is giving the players one of two options, either accept the MLB’s 60 game season offer with expanded playoffs or force Commissioner Rob. Manfred to implement his own schedule.

At this point, I believe baseball will not come to an agreement and play a season. I think it has gone on for too long now and although a lot of people want to see the MLB play this year, I think there is too large of a divide for a season to occur.

What do you think will happen this summer with baseball? Will there be a season? Tag us on social media with your opinions; I look forward to seeing your thoughts!