CANFIELD, OH – After being on the Power Hour this past Thursday, the discussion about local sports documentaries got me thinking about what I, personally, would want to see from our Youngstown area. The possibilities are definitely endless but there were a few that stuck out more than others, those are the ones that I want to mention.

The first one that I would want to see would be one about the coaches that have made it big in their respective sports but mostly focused on football. Being in northeast Ohio, the sport that seems to stick out the most is football and our area has produced some incredible coaching not only in high school but in the NCAA and NFL ranks as well. The most notable NCAA coaches from Youngstown are the Stoops brothers, the Pelini brothers, Bob Dove, and Matt Cavanaugh.

The second documentary that I think would be a good one to watch would be a documentary about Warren G. Harding High School football. Harding has produced some of the areas best athletes over the years, including the most gifted football player to ever play in the area, in my opinion, Maurice Clarett. Others that went on to have solid careers in college and even the NFL are Paul Warfield, Korey Stringer, Mario Manningham, the Browner brothers, Daniel “Boom” Herron, Prescott Burgess, and most recently Lynn Bowden.

The final documentary that really sticks out to me would be another one we discussed on the Power Hour; which is one about Kelly Pavlik and what he went through to get to where he is at today, but also to shed light on his baseball career that he gave up to become a boxing champion.

Let me know what you guys think a good documentary would be for our Youngstown area. Tag us on social media with your responses, I look forward to seeing all of your responses!