YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO- For a team to prepare for an ultimate quest, it takes a team that has the perfect mold that keeps them glued together. A team like the Ursuline Irish has been the perfect example of that all year long. At the beginning of the year, Head Coach Keith Gunther tasked his group of young men with the opportunity to make a run at the Division II state championship. The Irish set out led by Terence Pankey Jr. to try and accomplish this difficult task and on the way achieved a 20 win season.

The Irish unfortunately fell in the district championship, but the things that they achieved together as a team will always be remembered. Everyone here at YSN want to contragulate the Ursuline Irish for an unforgettable season. We are honored to announce that the Ursuline Irish is the 2023 YSN Team of the Year!

*Contributed By YSN’s Matt Morrison.