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WARREN, OH- On Thursday night, a defensive battle was won by Ursuline against Kennedy with a final score of 59-50. This game was originally scheduled for Tuesday, December 10th but was canceled due to a power outage in half of Warren. 

While the Eagles were without one of their starters Hayden Wait, Kennedy and Ursuline had many lead changes at the beginning of the first quarter with Kennedy being the first ones to score by a free throw from Tyrel James. Saba Svani pulled an incredible block on a layup by Daysean Harris, which was recovered by Cam Hollobaugh from Kennedy and fed down the field for a routine layup. At the end of the first quarter, Ursuline was up 20-12, and they seemed to stay on top throughout the entirety of the game. 

In the second quarter, much stayed the same. Ursuline kept the great spacing between them and the Eagles. Kennedy tried to power through the Ursuline defense but just could not get a good flow going. The Eagles suffered an 11 point deficit in the middle of the second period but did their best to cut it down to 5. Kennedy tried to mount a comeback but ended the half down 25-32.

After the half, Kennedy was looking to get some consistent shooting going through the next half of this game. They cut the deficit down to 3 points at one time, but every time the Eagles seemed to get a rhythm going, Ursuline would storm back up and proceed to score 5 points easily. Ursuline ended up being very consistent with three-point shooting just as they were in the first half, and Kennedy cleaned up their game much more in this second half. 

By the end of the fourth quarter, Ursuline kept grinding away at consistent scoring and did not let the Eagles catch up. Ursuline then ran away with the game 59-50. Leading the Fighting Irish in scoring was Daysean Harris with 15 points in the game making 2 out of 3 free throws, and Vince Armini with 7 out of 10 made. On the other side of the ball, the senior from the country of Georgia, Saba Svani, led the Eagles with 12 points and 6 out of 9 free throws made. 

The Eagles will go back to action Friday, December 13 against Cleveland Central Catholic.


*Story contributed by YSN’s voice of the JFK Eagles, Dom O’Brien

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