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If you’re born with the last name like Irons, you better be able to handle some heat.  For South Range Junior, Emily Irons, she is battle-tested and has continued to be the spark that starts the fire for the Lady Raiders.  Irons actually leads the team in hitting percentage, which means she has the most kills with the least errors.

A savvy veteran who makes the most of her athletic ability, but reads the defense like it’s a line from a Dr. Seuss novel.

The athletic ability is earned, and God-given.  Both Emily’s parents were exceptional athletes, her older brother is a leader on the basketball court, and her younger sister shares the volleyball court with her this year.  For Emily, she has the ability and the determination to keep raising the bar for the family name.  Oh, by the way…Emily plays a sport each and every season.

Our Anthony Hartwig sat down with Emily to discuss the year, as well as plans on and off the court.  The South Range Player Profile is: IRONS SHARPENS IRONS


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