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Photo Credit: Lexi Najdusak

HUBBARD OH- One is the best measurements of a leader is how their program looks when they leave. When you’re talking about Hubbard, every program that Jackie Adler has led is looking promising. Golf found success in Districts, the basketball team found some stability, and the softball team coming off a 14 win season looked to be a dark horse in the NE8. Softball season may have been taken away by COVID-19, but Jackie is confident that the team is set up for future success.

In softball last season, Adler was a consistent threat in the Eagles lineup. She hit .397 at the plate. But her biggest strength was her defense. Not only was she a fantastic leader in the middle of the infield, but she only committed 2 errors all season. Adler wasn’t satisfied though, as she set the goal this year to not commit any errors in the field, and she wanted to push that batting average up above .400. Adler is always looking to make herself better, which is one of the things that makes her a leader.

Jackie has commuted to Otterbein University to golf at the next level. She thrives on the ability to compete not just with the rest of the field, but herself. Always trying to one up her best score. Golf is one of the most lucrative sports a girl can go to college for, and Adler is finding success on the green. Her future plans are all adding up, while her golf stroke keeps going down.

Anthony Hartwig has the chance to catch up with Jackie. They talked about being a three sport athlete, golf recruiting, and much more. Don’t miss out on the latest Eagle Softball Player Profile “It’s All Adding Up For Adler.”

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