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Jackie Grisdale is the definition of someone who can do it all. She is on pace to receive 20 varsity letters when her career at Poland is over. That would be a school record. But the question remains how does Jackie avoid fatigue. She says she’s never really had to deal with it. She handles the small breaks she gets, and makes sure her body is always well rested. A true example of an all around athlete. 

As far as basketball season goes, Jackie came in knowing she’d be asked to do more than she was a season ago. She worked all summer on her ball handling and court awareness. As a captain on the team she is also being asked to become a stronger leader on the floor than ever before. As a daughter of coaches, understanding the game has never been a problem for Jackie. She  uses her strong knowledge of the game to strengthen her leadership abilities. She gets her teammates in the best position to score. 

Anthony Hartwig traveled to Poland to catch up with Jackie and talk about her multi sport ability, new leadership tools, and much more. Learn all about one of the Lady Bulldog captain in the latest Player Profile Jackie of All Trades.

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