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NORTH JACKSON OH- Monday, August 29, after the storms rolled out, the Blue Jays hosted Heartland Christian and brought the thunder.  The Jays started with Ian Stewart, Keagan Beck and Nathan Corll in front of Brady Cole.  The midfield consisted of Ben Moore, Carter Graham, James Croyle, Zach Koontz and Alex Rotuna.  Kylee Fetkovich and Brock Piatt started up front. The Blue Jays have had an extremely long week having 4 varsity and 3 JV games in the past 7 days.  Luckily the storms brought a slightly cool breeze to help calm the humidity! A partly cloudy sky made the evening more enjoyable for everyone.

Within the first 2 minutes the Jays earned a corner kick opportunity.   Kylee Fetkovich took a well placed kick, Alex Rotuna finds the ball and has to battle some Lions to get the shot off, first goal of the evening!  10 minutes later, the Jays were possessing in the midfield when the sequence of success began; Carter Graham passed to Kylee, who found Alex inside the box for another Blue Jay goal!  The Blue Jays outshot the Lions 16 shots to two.  Brady Cole and James Croyle each had one save in goal.  Ben Moore went unchallenged.

Overall, the game was pretty clean with good calls by the officials.  Jackson-Milton subbed several players from the bench including, Brandon Hinkle, Dom Verquer, Joe Modarelli, Caden Allen, Anthony Chance and Aiden Aandewiel

Another shutout by the Blue Jays!  Defensively they are working together well and the midfield is doing a very nice job of rotating back during transitions, especial Carter Graham and James Croyle who have been working very well together.

The Blue Jays have no games this week, due to the Canfield Fair.  The team and coaches want to wish Caden Allen, Anthony Chance, & Carter Graham best of luck with their 4H competitions, as well as the soccer-band members who will be performing there on Thursday.

Jackson-Milton takes on in-conference opponent Crestview (2021 State Runner Up) when they return to play Wednesday, September 7 at 5pm at the JMHS Soccer Stadium.

*Contributed By Craig Fetkovich at

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