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Photo Credit: Cullen Chadwick

CORTLAND OH- Being a libero can be quite a challenge for a volleyball player. Being varsity level libero as a sophomore, that is set on expert level. Lakeview sophomore Maddie Bayus has taken that challenge with in stride. Even with her youth, Maddie is a fantastic leader for the Bulldogs in the back row.

The libero position demands vocal leadership, and she is up to the task. Not a lot of people outside of volleyball understand a libero. They are just that player in the different colored jersey. They don’t get the stats everyone looks at, and they don’t make the plays that end up on the highlight reel. However, what a good libero excels at is bringing a calm to the mayhem that strong swings bring to their team’s side of the net. When an opponent puts one down, with speed and power, the libero can pop the ball up and slow the game down.

Maddie leads the team this season with 260 digs, and 4.9 digs per set. She leads what is a very strong back row for the Bulldogs. Bayus is just another example of what makes the Lakeview program great, she accepts her role, and she does her job. The Bulldogs are full of players that do that, and that’s why they play strong as a unit.

Maddie took the time to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to chat about her season. They discussed what being a libero means, what makes her team special, and much more. Bulldogs fans bark for the next volleyball player profile “Lakeview Bayhem.”

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